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Barry Cunningham has returned to Imperial Beach after 20 years, having won $11 million in the MegaMillions lottery. In "His Visit: Day One", he buys the Snug Harbor Motel, and plans to tear it down.

Barry is haunted by the events of his childhood. He was called "Barry the Fairy" in school. When he was ten years old, he was "deflowered" in Room 24 of the Snug Harbor.

At twelve, when he was collecting shells on the beach, Butchie Yost beat him with a broom handle. He says that he contracted epilepsy from that experience. The seizures often bring on visions; in one of those visions, he saw the winning lottery numbers.

Barry has been living in Azusa for 20 years. Now that he's won the lottery, he's bought Snug Harbor Motel. In "His Visit: Day One", he wanted to level the motel in order to "write fini" on that chapter of his life. He changed his mind the next day, saying in "His Visit: Day Two" that he now feels it would be best to renovate the motel in order to upgrade its appeal.

Barry owns a teddy bear, which doesn't surf very well.

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The new owner of the Snug Harbor Motel, Barry has returned to Imperial Beach after winning $11 million in the state lottery. Determined as he is to make friends, his unpredictable behavior and grandiose gestures - often involving large sums of cash - can come across as more worrisome than generous. Barry discovers his lottery winnings can't exorcise the past that continues to follow him. [1]

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