Beach & Beans is a coffee shop in Imperial Beach. Meyer and Daphne, his fiancée, have coffee there in "His Visit: Day Five".

The shop has an internet connection, which Dwayne uses to update his website, He complains that most of the time on the connection is used up by the computer's incessant virus checks.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The John From Cincinnati scenes inside Beach & Beans were filmed in a real Imperial Beach coffee shop, I.B. Coffee and Books. The exterior is a set built across the street from the real shop. In an interview with Imperial Beach Eagle & Times, I.B. Coffee owner Katie Fallon enjoyed the experience: "Fallon has only had to shut the shop completely down twice for filming and jokes that she has already promised local customers that she will open up for Christmas to make it up to them." [1]

The address of Imperial Beach Coffee and Books is 704 Seacoast Drive.


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