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Deborah Cassidy ("Cass" to her friends) is, or is pretending to be, a young filmmaker. She approaches Mitch about performing in her new movie, and drops hints that she has a crush on him.

Cass was working for Linc, apparently trying to get close to Mitch as part of a plan to distance Mitch and Cissy, allowing Linc to pursue Shaun.

Kai is the only one of the Yost insiders who is suspicious of Cass's motives so far. At first Kai seemed to think that Cass was just a groupie trying to get close to Mitch but at the hospital she noticed Linc and Cass pretending not to know each other.

Cass drives a black 1961 Porsche 356 Speedster Convertible, the same car that Luke Perry, as Dylan McKay, drove in Beverly Hills, 90210.

HBO Character DescriptionEdit

Quick to impress with looks as refined as her vintage Porsche, Cass is not all she appears. Posing as a filmmaker on Linc's orders, she makes it a point to turn up in Mitch's sphere, where Kai greets her with open hostility. [1]


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