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Cissy Yost is a strong-willed woman who manages Yost Boards, and keeps her disintegrating family in line. She helps to keep her husband Mitch grounded in reality -- although that is increasingly difficult when he starts to spontaneously levitate.

She approves of her grandson Shaun's interest in competitive surfing, despite Mitch's insistence that Shaun not follow the path of their son, Butchie, who ended his surfing career addicted to heroin.

In "His Visit: Day Five" Cissy suffered a meltdown due to the pain that she hurt her Grandson Shaun's feelings by not letting him meet his mother Tina. Overwhelmed with despair, revolver in hand, she was on the brink of attempting suicide. (The gun was unloaded, although Cissy did not know that.) At the last moment, a vision of John Monad appeared outside her kitchen window and confronted her with her darkest, most agonizing demon. John revealed that, after her son Butchie won his first surfing competition at age 13, Cissy went to his room under the influence of LSD and sexually abused him. This caused her an overwhelming sense of guilt and self-loathing. Over the following years,she became "the world's biggest ball buster," driving people away from her out of the inner fear that she might ever do something like that again. Finally confronted with her deepest darkest secret, John convinced her that her suicide would traumatize her grandson, whereas by not committing suicide, she would still be able to receive his love. John convinced Cissy to run the pistol under the tap, making the gun temporarily useless. Whether this event changed Cissy's outlook on her self worth and how this might or might now change her demeanor toward others is yet to be seen.

HBO Character DescriptionEdit

Whether Cissy is strong-willed or pig-headed remains up for debate, but in any case, her tough demeanor corrals a family that would otherwise scatter. Besides managing the family's surf shop and handling Shaun's upbringing, Cissy also plays the harsh realist to Mitch's abstract surfer - a role she tired of years ago. [1]


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