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Save John From Cincinnati
  • is coordinating campaigns to bring back JFC. Campaigners took out an ad in the Hollywood Reporter in September asking HBO to bring back the show, and took out a new one in Variety on October 31st 2007 inviting HBO to talk about new ways to save the show. Visit this site for a comprehensive list of things you can do to help (especially creating buzz) and to sign up for the newsletter.
  • Here is another petition for you to sign to bring back JFC.
  • Here's one more petition at the JFCBlog.

Future Airings of John From Cincinnati
Date Time Channel Title
TBA "His Visit: Day One"
TBA "His Visit: Day Two"
TBA "His Visit: Day Two Continued"
TBA "His Visit: Day Three"
TBA "His Visit: Day Four"
TBA "His Visit: Day Five"
TBA "His Visit: Day Six"
TBA "His Visit: Day Seven"
TBA "His Visit: Day Eight"
TBA "His Visit: Day Nine"

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The Story

Mitch Yost is an aging surf legend, forced to retire after a knee injury, who now runs a surf shop in Imperial Beach and broods over his failure. His son, Butchie, was also a huge star in the family business -- but is now a bitter heroin addict, living in a run-down hotel. Butchie's surfing prodigy son, Shaun, lives with Mitch and his wife, Cissy.

Into the lives of this dysfunctional family comes John Monad, a mysterious young man with a habit of repeating what other people say. Immediately, strange things start happening -- a dead parrot comes back to life, Butchie doesn't suffer withdrawal symptoms, and Mitch starts to spontaneously levitate.

Slowly, other people around the Yosts are drawn into the strange happenings -- a sleazy surfing promoter, a starstruck young filmmaker, an eccentric lottery winner, a Vietnam vet.

The new series, created by Deadwood producer David Milch and surf noir novelist Kem Nunn, examines the connections that tie people together, and shows what happens to damaged people when a force of healing comes into their lives.

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