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Linc Stark is an unscrupulous surfing promoter. He once managed Butchie's career, and the Yost family blames him for standing by while Butchie got hooked on drugs. At the start of the series, Linc wants to work with Butchie's son Shaun, and the Yosts are very suspicious of his intentions.

Linc's company is called "Stinkweed USA"; a promo website is up at

Linc's e-mail address is, as revealed in Cass' text message to Linc at the end of "His Visit: Day One". A website at has not yet been launched.

HBO Character DescriptionEdit

Linc - who represented Butchie back in the day - turned up in Imperial Beach with a copy of Shaun's 'Sponsor Me' tape in his pocket. Mitch, who has been in the water long enough to know a shark when he sees one, still blames Linc's reckless pursuit of cash for Butchie's derailed personal life and isn't in any hurry to let the agent near his grandson. [1]


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