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Mitch Yost is the patriarch of the Yost family. His wife is Cissy, and their son is Butchie. Mitch and Cissy also have a grandson, Shaun.

Mitch is a former surfing star, who was forced to leave the sport after injuring his knee. He's opened a boardwalk surf shop to stay in touch with surfing, although he's haunted by feelings of failure.

A Slate article described Mitch as "a 'soul surfer', a term coined in the '70s to denote a surfer scornful of the commercialization of surfing. A soul surfer would ride a board that had no brand labels on it, and wear a sticker-free wetsuit, as Yost does." [1]

In the first episode, Mitch discovers that he occasionally levitates, hovering a few inches off the ground.

HBO Character DescriptionEdit

Surf legend Mitch Yost is living proof that Zenned-out bliss and curmudgeonly bickering aren't mutually exclusive, he splits his time between catching waves and holing up in his backyard clubhouse. His marriage to Cissy ricochets between intimate understanding and outright loathing, often because Mitch mistakes his own personal wants for cosmic epiphanies. Discovering his ability to spontaneously levitate hasn't helped ground these flights of spiritual fancy. [2]


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