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Shaun Yost is Butchie's son. Shaun is a surfing prodigy, but his family doesn't want Shaun following in that path. In the first episode, his grandfather Mitch bans Shaun from a surfing competition, but his grandmother Cissy approves his entry. In the second episode, "His Visit: Day Two", Shaun has another chance to appear in the competition. His family thinks he's clearly going to win but he suffers a catastrophic injury from a wipeout.

In "His Visit: Day Three" his mother comes back to Imperial Beach for a second chance to be in his life.

HBO Character DescriptionEdit

Drug-addled Butchie couldn't take care of his son Shaun, so the boy's grandparents, Cissy and Mitch, took legal custody and raised him. These days, Shaun doesn't expect much from his dad but obviously hopes his explosive surfing talent will grab Butchie's attention - if he ever gets a chance to compete. With erratic family members on all sides, Shaun often gets lost in the shuffle, even when it's his future everyone's debating. [1]


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