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Tina Blake, Shaun's mother, is a porn star. In the show's fourth episode, "His Visit: Day Three", she returns to Imperial Beach to try for a second chance with Shaun.

HBO Character DescriptionEdit

When Tina gave birth to Shaun, she knew she could not care for the baby with Butchie at the height of his drugging, so she abandoned her son on Cissy's doorstep. Trading Imperial Beach for a career as a porn star, she never returned – until she saw Shaun's accident on the news. Trapped between Cissy's resentment and her own deep-rooted feelings of unworthiness, Tina wants to reclaim at least some role in Shaun's life. Whether the boy's protective grandmother will forgive the past and allow Tina entry into Shaun's world is another story. [1]


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